The German school system


In Germany pupils have to go to school from the age of 6 through 14. This is binding, and in public state-run school's, it's free. The school system in Germany is a little different than its American counterpart. All children enter in the same program, but at the age of 10, they go to one of four types of schools. This decision determines which type of school they can enter next, and finally, weather they will go to a university or enter a technical field or trade. Of course, it’s not just the pupil’s decision; he has to have the right marks. The graph below shows the levels and routes of education a German pupil could go through. In addition to the differences in how the schools are arranged, they also have a different way of marking the start and finish of a pupil’s school career.


(Quelle: Bayerisches Kultusministerium - freigegeben zur Veröffentlichung)



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