Rules of the house

A school is not just a place to sit down and learn something. It is also some kind of community. In a community everybody should feel comfortable, so it is important that everyone respects each other. There is no use for physical or psychic violence, mobbing or discrimination against anybody. There are some school rules that should help to promote a common school spirit and feeling of togetherness.


The most important ones are listed here:

  1. Have respect for the people around you.This means you should be polite and helpful.

  2. Be tolerant and honest.

  3. Take care for the things and people in your surrounding. Do not try to destroy anything or tease other people.

  4. Respect the environment. Do not destroy nature!

  5. Smoking is forbidden for students up to grade 12. For the older students smoking is only allowed in explicit areas.

  6. Do not have prejudices and do not discriminate against other people.


Having a good life in school is not just a duty for students. Also the parents should try to do the best for the school and their children. Parents should support their children.


So there are also some “rules” or guidelines for the parents:

1. Attend events where your children take part in.

2. Support your child with extracurricular activities and homework.

3. Praise your child if it did a good job (e.g. good mark).

4. Help your child to behave right.

5. Perhaps, if you have enough time, join the parents’ association.