The following pictures show the outside of the school building, the area where the pupils spend their breaks and the sports field

Here you can see the oldest part of the building, with the class rooms for the music lessons, the physics labs, the principal's and administration offices and the faculty lounge.

This is the middle part, where you can find the biology rooms and some of the regular classrooms. This is also the place with the big pendulum inside and the sun-dial outside. Also here pupils can buy food and drinks at the little school cafeteria

That is the part that was built in 1977. Here are regular classrooms above the hall for meetings or spending the break in case of bad weather.

The hallway that connects different parts of the building.

Again the white middle part with the sun-dial.

Here we have a view at the oldest part of the building.


This is another view of the oldest part of the building.


In front of the white-coloured building you can see a globe - a symbol of our school.


The picture shows the globe more precisely.


This is a part of the area where the pupils spend their breaks.

The stairs on the left - called "Theatron"- are good for open-air activities.

Here you can see the schoolyard just from a different perspective.

The place where pupils put or park their bikes.


The picture shows the sports field from outside Jahnstrasse.

Another picture of the sports field across Jahnstrasse.

If you are interested you can also view the inside the building.