The aims of education according to the Bavarian Constitution

Into the Third Millennium

"The paramount aims of education are the fear of God, respect for religious conviction and for the dignity of human beings, self-control, a sense of responsibility and willingness to take responsibility, helpfulness and open-mindedness for all which is true, good and beautiful..." (Art. 131 of the Bavarian Constitution).

Every resident of Bavaria has a right to receive an education commensurate with his abilities and his calling. Equal opportunities for all and the promotion of individual merit are the principles of Bavarian educational policy. They find their realisation in the structured school system, which does justice - better than the comprehensive schools - to different talents and capabilities. Proven and new ideas are converted into practical reality. Examples are the restoral of the secondary modern schools and the development of vocational training as well as ecological education, the new system for the upper level in the grammar schools and the introduction of information technology education for all pupils.


Information about Grammar Schools

Bavaria has a state-wide network of 400 plus grammar schools providing comprehensive general education. Passing the leaving examination entitles pupils to study at a university.

Pupils can choose to specialise according to their preferences and talents: humanities, modern languages, mathematics and natural sciences, arts, economic sciences and business, and social sciences. The aim is to provide through the quality of Bavarian secondary education an all-round general education and a sound basis for further study in higher educational establishments.

Bavaria also endeavours to adapt these schools to the requirements of business, technology and modern world. Basic instruction in IT was introduced in the compulsory curriculum at all grammar schools in the academic year 1988/89. Pupils are introduced to the workings of the economy in study courses, projects and by way of partnerships with companies.