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Intermediate Advanced

Italy Heart of Darkness Shakespeare Plays
Numbers Movie 1  Movie 2 Shakespeare Life
Easy to do The Bible Movie 3
Great Britain Europe Geography2 The end of the Empire 1
Structure 1 The Netherlands The end of the Empire 2
Structure 2 Crossword Commonwealth Definition
Structure 3 Brit. Empire Vocabulary The Monarchy in Britain
Adverbs Empire Quiz D-Day History
Adverbs 1 British&American English Statement 1
Opposites American schools Emigration 1 Emigration 2 
Word Pairs urban contrasts Politics of Immigration(1)
Robin Hood shopping crossword Politics of Immigration(2)
The Months Ireland Oscar Wilde
Europe Geography The Euro Marcus Garvey
Jobs 1 Reported Speech Human Trade in EU
Europe States 1 Aviation Immigration: Vocabulary
Europe States 2 USA - States 1 Urban Living
Europe States 3 USA - States 2 Art - English&Am. Painters
Europe States 4 USA - States 3 Political Parties in the US
 Tools 1 USA - States 4 USA-Geography
 Tools 2 USA - States 5  5a Thomas Jefferson Version1
Vehicles 1  USA - States 6  6a Thomas Jefferson Version2
Vehicles 2 Automobile Parts Abraham Lincoln Version 1
Film Scene Structure

Mexican immigrants

Abraham Lincoln Version 2
Action Prefixes US Constitution
Sports USA-Geography Immigration_Germanvoc
False friends 1    2    3 Extreme Situations Not Working Europe
Different verbs False friends 1    2    3 USA-Mixed Questions
  GB - The land Queen Elizabeth II
    Industrial Revolution 1   2


Special for advanced students:

 English Idioms

Food and Color Idioms




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