Crossword - Vocabulary for Headway Pre-intermediate
3 4
6 7
10 11 12 13 14
18 19
3 the way you live (the conditions you live in and the things you normally do)
5 the expression of your dissatisfaction with a situation
6 part of a business, or a company
10 round pieces of transparent material that you wear over your eyes so that you can see better
13 Your condition when you like something very much and want it a lot
15 the position of having a paid job
16 a time when workers will not work because they are angry about something or want more money
17 a woman on her wedding day
18 being very firm with people, making people do what you want
1 strange, not happening often
2 to feel that something is wrong or will be wrong
4 something that moves the air so that you feel cool
5 take out what you want from several things or people
7 what you think or how you feel about something
8 smooth and level, with an unbroken surface
9 imformal word for a square piece of cotton, or paper, for blowing your nose or wiping your face
11 projector or lamp used for sending a strong light on someone or something
12 the place for luggage in a car or a coach
14 someone who has a marriage that has legally ended
19 to touch or hit something quickly and lightly